Gimpsuited greenscreen fluffer flicks shampoo model's hair

An actual job is to be a greenscreen fluffer, dressed in a chromakey gimpsuit, hidden in the background for shampoo commercials, tasked with artfully flicking models' hair. If you're very good at that job, you can level up to gimpsuited Superman cape-puppeteer.

(via Super Punch)

Notable Replies

  1. "So, your resume says 'visual effects and postproduction ninja'. Is 'ninja' one of those insufferable fads like 'guru' that abhuman self-promoters are using these days?"

    Pause, awkward.

    "No, sir, I'm literally trained in the subtle arts of visual effects concealment and the subtlest misdirection. In fact, I can hide even in plain sight by bringing harmony between my chroma-qi and the subcarrier phase."

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