Infamous dotcom-founder/sex predator raises $12 on Kickstarter


Remember Marc Collins-Rector? He was the founder and chairman of DEN (Digital Entertainment Network) the proto-YouTube company that became an exemplar of the first dotcom bubble. Despite huge hype and celebrity investors, DEN crashed and burned in 2000. One reason for DEN's spectacular flameout could be that Collins-Rector was (according to lawsuits) spending a lot of time taking boys to his mansion and raping them. (Victims in civil court were awarded $4.5 million in summary judgments and he pled guilty to charges he lured minors across state lines for sexual acts.

Buzzfeed has an update on Collins-Rector, "the man who once raised at least $24 million for his video-streaming startup lives alone and infirm in a European port city, his apartment crammed with computers. In a recent Kickstarter bid, he raised a mere $12 — which he donated himself."

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