Poesy guest-reviews the new Ariol book

Our favorite six-year-old guest reviewer, Poesy Taylor Doctorow, is back with a review of the latest volume of Ariol, a French kids' comic that Papercutz is bringing out in English.

Last February, my daughter guest-reviewed her favorite kids' comic, the Ariol books, which Papercutz are translating from French and republishing in English. She's just read book four, A Beautiful Cow, and she and I sat down on the balcony one night last week before bedtime so she could review it (she liked it a lot -- I had to shout at her to stop reading it in the middle of the video!).

Ariol 4: A Beautiful Cow

-Cory Doctorow and Poesy Taylor Doctorow

Published 6:20 am Fri, Jun 27, 2014

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