Barbie-head-filled wedges

Even if you've got $265 to spend on a pair of wedges whose hollow soles are filled with doll-heads, you're out of luck. They're sold out. (via Neatorama)

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  1. Those are the weirdest looking shoes I've ever seen but I can see how some people might like their originality.

  2. It's the bit where the heads in the right shoe emit a horrid wheezy-squeeze noise with every step, and the ones in the left occasionally pipe up in high, reedy, voices about how they are a thing that should not be, that really sells the piece.

  3. Homer: Uh, your fish are dead.
    Stu: I know. I can't... get 'em outta there! Oh yeah!

  4. All the Barbie heads in the world won't stop them from being wedges.

  5. For some reason I thought this would be about some weird thing splitting wood.

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