Top NY Court says towns can ban fracking

This morning's ruling from New York State's highest court, holding that towns can ban fracking in city limits, is a huge setback for petrocratic rule.

The case, Norse Energy v Dryden, stems from a 2011 zoning rule banning fracking in the down of Dryden, NY. More than 170 towns across America have since followed suit, and this ruling will definitely resonate through them; next up is a case in Ohio

In Huge Defeat for Oil and Gas Industry, Court Rules New York Towns Can Ban Fracking [Tessa Stuart/Village Voice]

(Image: CREDO Action & New Yorkers Against Fracking Protest Gov. Cuomo's Plan to Frack New York, CREDO, CC-BY)

Notable Replies

  1. cue the cavalcade of concerned conservatives, questioning the idea of local rule, now that it is convenient.

  2. Sounds to me as if the drilling companies have not done enough to share the wealth.

    Surely there are some city council members whose childrens' college funds could use a boost. It's the American way!!

  3. Have you considered forming a well regulated militia?

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