Francis Galton: wrong about eugenics, wrong about cake


In 1906, the mathematician Francis Galton devised a way to keep cake fresh when serving only one piece a day.

Unfortunately, his method is an elaborate process requiring bizarrely-shaped slices and rubber bands, and is further dependent on the English horror-practice of coating cakes in fondant instead of actually-edible frosting. You don't have to do this, America, because you invented a way out of this problem decades ago:

How to keep cake fresh like a sane person

Notable Replies

  1. You shut your fucking cake hole.

  2. ::watches video:: Rob, you're truly one of us now!

    Also, fondant is utterly inedible. Cake is a frosting delivery vehicle.

  3. i have devised an American solution to your problem! simply apply extra frosting to the exposed edges before storing.

    or: eat the entire cake at once. and the extra frosting too.

  4. Really, I think all cake should just be covered with marzipan rather than any kind of icing.

  5. First off, professing enjoyment for fruit cake will make your tastes very suspect in Usian books. There is only one fruit cake, and it is mailed around the globe every year end. Secondly, if you think frosting can only be made with cream cheese, then you've been sadly misled. Lastly, frosting isn't "pointless" it's tasty, unlike fondant, which has the consistency and taste of, well, Plasticene (well said, Brain).

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