Kickstarting a Lovecraftian game where the object is to stay sane and alive

Labratory's kickstarting a new game: "Shadows of Arkham," which is pure Lovecraftian Ameri-trash for people who know that you can't fight the Elder Gods, but you might be able to avoid mind-death if you're quick enough.

Noah Swartz writes, "Labratory, the two person team of Sam Strick and Clayton Grey, who recently Kickstarted the successful micro-Eurogame Province, have just launched a new campaign for Shadows of Arkham. Unlike most big Lovecraft games where the characters are somehow able to directly fight the elder gods with shotguns and knives, your character in Shadows of Arkham will be fighting just to stay alive and sane as Arkham gets consumed by various types of otherworldly corruption. The game mechanics are simple and elegant, you draw double sided event cards from a central deck, which once you defeat them can come back to haunt you with their reverse side. The game may be micro, but it is still full of wonderful chits, beautiful character cards drawn by Sam, and a lots of other goodies. They're a little over halfway to their goal, with just over a week left to fund, so if you like Lovecraftian horror games, but don't like spending hours setting up the complicated boards that typically accompany them, this might just be the perfect game for you."

Shadows of Arkham (Thanks, Noah!)