Man videotapes Salt Lake City police after officer shot his dog

"Sean Kendall shot this video of his interaction with Salt Lake City police after learning an officer had shot his dog in his backyard."

The officers on the scene explained that a police officer was looking for a lost child, went into Kendall's backyard, and shot the dog when it threatened the officer.

Notable Replies

  1. Given today's technology the revolution might just be televised after all.

  2. I am a pacifist, but this channels my inner hammurabi. "We shot your dog... For the children?"

  3. What is it about American's collective hard-on for cops that keeps us from passing laws that would make them accountable for their actions? It's like every red-blooded American male beats off fantasizing that he's Dirty Harry, and just can't stand the thought that there should be rules, for cops, too.

  4. I think that this video should be shown to police everywhere to show them how you are supposed to deal with a mess like this. They respected the guy from the start, worked with him recording things, gave him a sensible short version and didn't blame or threaten anyone. Shooting the dog was bad and I hope there's accountability, but these two acted just about as well as we could ask.

  5. Yeah but he wasn't trying to get straight-forward answers. He was trying to express how wrong it is that his dog should be shot dead just for being a dog in the backyard of his human's house.  He was voicing his outrage that the very atrocity that was already so evident on YouTube, that was already a known problem that we all know needs addressing, should actually happen to him and his dog. He was intentionally violating the social norms about how one interacts with law enforcement, making the point that this police behavior nullifies any claim to privileged status or moral authority. And he was speaking for a lot of us.

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