Video: turning plastic bottles into string

Demonstration of a DIY device to turn plastic bottles into plastic string/ribbon. (Thanks, Rick "Under The Weather" Pescovitz!)

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  1. That's very similar to a leatherworker's strap cutter. Which could actually be used for the same purpose, though I'm not about to dull my blades on plastic.

  2. So other than some plastic strapping what's the point? I realize it's a reuse thing, but plastic like bottles tends to get brittle quickly when left in the sun/outdoors for long periods of time. A picnic table held together would probably last a couple of years in the sun, maybe longer in the shade, but some nails or screws are going to last far longer.

    I'm surprised I've never seen a DIY homebrew HDPE extruder. Take a foot or so length of iron pipe, find an auger that will fit inside, cap both ends (one will have a hole for the extrusion the other a bushing for the auger to fit through). Add on a heating element, gear reduced motor, and an Arduino to control it all. And cut the pipe for your feed opening. Technically most plastics would work, but HDPE seems to have a wide soft/liquid temperature window.

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