Broadcaster claims that Star Trek, Rawhide and Wagon Train are "community affairs programming"

The FCC let KJWP move from Wyoming to Delaware on the condition that it broadcast "community affairs programming" for its new home in Wilmington.

Now that the broadcaster has gotten what it wanted, it filed a notice with the FCC detailing how it's lived up to its end of the bargain, in which it gets millions of dollars' worth of public TV spectrum for free in exchange for helping the local community stay abreast of local affairs.

It appears that KJWP is still working on its locally produced community affairs shows as it’s now telling the FCC that “Star Trek,” “Wagon Train” and “Rawhide” address “matters of importance to its community of license.”

TV station tells FCC that ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Rawhide’ and ‘Wagon Train’ have important themes [Jim Romanesko]

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  1. In fairness, Star Trek DID help America end racism once and for all by showing everyone how silly it was via a heavy-handed metaphor.

  2. Is star trek not of importance to the community? Can anyone actually take this position?

  3. Kirk had a streamlined vetting process: "If it's black, white, or green, fuck it; if it's a dude, kill it."

  4. Joke's on you: that photo was taken in a mirror, SPACE BIGOT.

  5. Of course Star Trek is important to Community; where else would they have gotten the Imaginarium and Evil Abed?

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