How to shoot a target 500 yards away using Android goggles wirelessly connected to a rifle

Would you like to shoot a plastic soda bottle, filled with explosives, from a distance of 500 yards without looking at the bottle? These guys have you covered.

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  1. Guns-are-bad hysterical comment storm in 3, 2, 1...

  2. Probably the same people that need homemade catapults, home built 3D printers, EL wire messenger bags, and basically any maker project. No one needs them. People still get a kick out of doing it. You can be anti-gun for good solid reasons, but don't feign stupidity or (worse) be willfully ignorant as to why people like to mess with such stuff. Is the exact same reason why anyone likes to screw around with anything.

  3. Yes, I do think it is exactly the same thing. I am pretty sure that that nerd making an Android gun is about as likely to murder someone as someone who makes an EL wire messenger bag.

    They hyperbole around gun control is nauseating in its partisan stupidity. Every partisan idiot draws a line a thousand miles from sanity and demands people be on one side or the other. It is either a stupid gun nut who demands open carry at Disney World or an equally stupid anti-gun nut that wants to prevent people from target shooting at a range.

    Here are some true statements. The US has a higher murder rate than many European nations in large part because it is awash with guns. Assault rifle bans are stupid because assault rifles are the least likely class of gun to kill someone. People who want to open carry in places where it isn't appropriate are assholes. People who flip out at people murdering bottles are assholes.

    That guy in the video isn't your fucking enemy. If every person who touched a gun was like him, we wouldn't have people murdering each other with guns.

    The epic stupidity partisan gun politics in the US (which is the only flavor of gun politics that there is) is revolting and nauseating. Thanks for contributing to it.

  4. Guns are fine, it's gun-nuts that worry me.

  5. Can I assume that you are in favor of criminalizing the possession of hunting bows and replica swords? If not, please explain why.

    It's so hard to have any kind of useful dialogue about gun control in America because the loudest voices on both sides are bloody lunatics. On one side you've got people who see nothing wrong with bringing fully automatic weapons to the Olive Garden, and on the other side you've got people who think that plinking cans for fun is the sign of a deranged and murderous mind. It's awfully frustrating for anyone who'd like to think rationally about the issue.

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