US Navy appoints first female four-star Admiral in its 238-year history



Vice Admiral Michelle Janine Howard this week became the first female four-star Admiral in the 238-year history of the United States Navy.

In her remarks, Howard said that in preparing for the promotion ceremony she was told that “four-star shoulder boards for women didn’t exist.”

The Army and the Air Force have previously promoted women to four-star rank. The first female four-star, Army Gen. Ann Dunwoody, retired in 2012. Howard was also the first African-American woman to rise to three-star rank in the active-duty military.


Notable Replies

  1. I love her expression crossing such a realm of emotions! How Cool!

  2. Things are accelerating... It took 138 years to have a four-star African-American Admiral and now just 16 years for a female African-American four-star Admiral -- I wonder what first will happen in ~1.5 years.

  3. I was surprised this hasn't happened earlier for U.S. Navy. Finally. smile

  4. I would say a gay admiral, but that's silly. It's not gay if it stays on the ship.

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