Crowdfunding to send injured "How to Cheat at Everything" author to UK for free healthcare

I've written over the years about Simon Lovell's How to Cheat at Everything, a must-read encyclopedia of cons.

Lovell's been badly injured and is not recovering well. A crowdfunding effort is underway to send him home from the USA to the UK, where his elderly parents are hoping that he'll be able to get free care from the NHS.

Back in October, 2013, Simon suffered a severe multiple break to his right femur, requiring surgical implantation of titanium rods and some 2-1/2 months of hospital care. Simon has not been able to function (or work) much since that time, and recently has been admitted to hospitals five times over the last few weeks. Presently, he is still hospitalized for a variety of quite serious conditions. Simon is not healthy physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Simon's eighty-three years young father, Tony Lovell, who lives in the U.K., has been working to bring Simon home to live with him for recovery, for an extended time. Tony Lovell lives alone near Chelmsford, in the East of England. Tony Lovell and his daughter have been working towards setting up proper continuing medical care for Simon, and Tony Lovell is further trying to absorb all the literal baggage and costs . . . paying for Simon's return, storage and shipping of his personal effects, and so forth. There is essentially nothing left for Simon in the United States, sadly, in terms of work, tangible assets, or even a suitable place to live.

Father Tony and his daughter Sue (who is a career matron nurse) are going to have their hands full, to say the least. Retired Constable Tony Lovell is going to have to put his career law enforcement skills to work once again, this time working to restore his only son's health. Simon is not capable of much function at present and is clearly incapable of managing his own affairs.

Every single nickel of the net proceeds from this little fundraiser will go strictly to Simon's father, Tony Lovell, who will use them properly and wisely toward Simon's recovery. Tony is the type of person that would not ask for help personally, but Simon has a long road ahead. This isn't a quick process measurable in days, more like many months to a couple of years.

Simon Lovell Farewell Medical Fund (Thanks, Steve!)