Run-DMC vs guitars

Run-DMC sees exponential success in the latest page from Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree

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Published 7:02 am Tue, Jul 8, 2014

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Why I love IDW: Dave Stevens, Wally Wood, Jack Kirby, Darwyn Cooke

In this episode of Gweek, I spoke with Ted Adams the head of IDW, which publishes high-quality reproductions of original comic book art by greats such as Dave Stevens, Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, and Frank Frazetta. Brought to you by -- get a $110 sign-up bonus with the offer code GWEEK!

Big Data should not be a faith-based initiative

There's a lot of companies whose business-plan starts with "First, we remove all personal identifiers from this sensitive personal information, then we make a bundle selling it." Cory Doctorow summarizes the problem: computer scientists are pretty sure that's impossible.

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