Here's another new aerial shot of the NSA's giant Utah data center


Cory recently blogged about the Electronic Frontier Foundation's high-resolution, no-rights-reserved aerial image of the National Security Agency's ginormous data center in Bluffdale, Utah. Boing Boing pal Bryan Jones shares this shot, which is available for shared noncommercial use with credit.

Notable Replies

  1. Just in time for my new Drone-Delivered-Horse-Apple online ordering program!

  2. It looks like banana. Just look at it!

  3. OK. Look, I know the US is big. It has 300+ million people, is pretty big geographically, and it is enormous politically and economically but as an outsider I am staggered that your spies have even ONE facility of that magnitude. I mean WTF!? It's gigantic.

    And that's for digital information. Even the Stasi with their analog records can't have had much more space than that. (I'm guessing less, but I know it's stupid to underestimate paranoid control freaks).

    And knowing how fucked up everything is, now you're going to tell me this is just the tip of the iceberg aren't you? I mean this one is not even SECRET, right?

  4. As someone who lives in Denver, Colorado where the CIA moved to after following me here from Virginia. I cannot confirm nor deny your question.

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