How to invest one dollar

Two dozen people, from a JP Morgan banker to a sex-worker, offer their opinions on how to best invest one single dollar.

Many of the answers didn't resonate for me, but the idea of putting it into the right charity's box (social worker), of giving it to a busker (living statue), of using it to tip a barista at a cafe you frequent (musician), to buy a quality newspaper (risk associate), or burning it (publicly traded person) all rang true for me, as did this craphound's answer:

I often find the perfect specifications or details from a Goodwill item for $1, and can reference it for years in my designs. In the same way a simple object can tell a story and inspire day-to-day life, postcards or trinkets are not trash if they inspire you.
—Emily Bryngelson, Fashion designer, Brooklyn, NY

Bang for Your Buck [Melissa Batchelor Warnke/Morning News]

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(Image: Dollar Heart, Chris Palmer, CC-BY-SA)