Studies show folks who read are easier to get along with


This cute article on Elite Daily references a few studies demonstrating that people who read more have a deeper understanding of a wider range of life experience.

Finding someone who reads is like dating a thousand souls. It’s gaining the experience they’ve gained from everything they’ve ever read and the wisdom that comes with those experiences. It’s like dating a professor, a romantic and an explorer.

This should not serve as an invitation to interrupt me while I am reading.

Notable Replies

  1. Does it matter what is read?

  2. sr105 says:

    Hey, is that a book in your pocket?

  3. Finally, science validates my obsessive perusal of old Pokemon video game manuals. Congratulations, 'cause about three-quarters of that thousand souls you're now dating are Pikachu.

  4. Studies show people who read the comments soon go insane.

  5. I was not impressed, a shallow, self congratulatory article. Back to my books.

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