Freedom of info funnies: CIA cafeteria complaints

Michael from Muckrock writes, "It's not easy being a spy: MuckRock's cooked up two batches of complaints about the CIA's cafeteria service, everything from Pepsi and Diet Pepsi being swapped to offensively inauthentic Russian food. The carrots, however, are 'amazingly great' if you're ever in the area."

Doc of Note: CIA Cafeteria Complaints

(Image: Classic school lunch. Yum., Ben W, CC-BY-SA)

Notable Replies

  1. I'm pretty fed up with a "ya" being used as an "R" to "Russianize" things, but whatyagonnado?

  2. You can't eavesdrop, wiretap and murder on an empty stomach

  3. I believe the GrSSks had a word for this practice.

  4. They serve "Freedom Fries" just like the cafeteria at the Capitol building, but they'll be long cold by the time you're done filling out the FOIA requisition form.

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