Rob illo makes Comparative Religion textbook dangerously cool


A strange honor! An illustration of mine was selected as the frontispiece for Comparing Religions, an otherwise bucolic-looking academic textbook by Jeffrey Kripal. Kripal is the J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University. The pic gets a nice mention in a section on Cognition and Consciousness, too. So if you'd like a nice hearty comparative religion read, I can without hesitation say that this man is right about everything. Thank you, Jeffrey!


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  1. Not really sure what it has to do with comparative religions, but it is indeed a pretty cool image, and textbook covers have been much stranger.

  2. This one makes a bit of sense as neurons have to act in concert (to dance) in order to function properly. The ladies even look a bit like neurons in the picture.

    As a CS student in the late 90s, I got to see a lot of textbook covers with surfers on waves or cars going down roads because the Internet (Information Superhighway) was something that you surfed on.

  3. I'm thinking that some of Escher's drawings might make excellent covers for CS books.

  4. The likeness is unmistakeable, Rob.

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