What it's like to have chronic vaginal pain

Lara Parker at Buzzfeed writes about her experience with vaginismus and vulvodynia — chronic pain conditions with no known cause, no known treatment, and a big impact on love and relationships.

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  1. I have never heard of this before but it sounds like a nightmare.

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    Smooth buzzfeed, really smooth.

  3. I had a girlfriend with this condition. We found by total accident that psychedelic mushrooms made sex completely painless for her... And the effect was permanent.

    Not saying this would work for everyone... I have no idea. Just what worked for her.

  4. One thing is for certain: if science ever does find a cure for this terrible condition then Hobby Lobby won't want to cover it.

  5. She reiterates something I've always suspected: sex is supposed to carry so much meaning in our lives, it's supposed to heal us and inform us and make everything better- whether or not we know how to talk about it. And of course, no single part of one's life can support that much burden. Try to put that much significance on eating, it'll break. Try to make dreams the answer, you'll never wake up. Try working a career for the answers, you'll break.

    Sex is special in this regard because here we have the least amount of language to talk about the broken things. It's all supposed to come naturally like in The Blue Lagoon.

    I want to read more stories like this one, and I want it to be more normal to talk about ways in which sex is a problem. More than anything else, I want there to be a way to talk about the human need for intimacy in a way that doesn't wrap it completely in an envelope of sex.

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