Awesome dad unperturbed by 2-year-old son's penchant for wearing dresses


Here's a touching and inspiring essay by Seth Menachem, father of a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl: "So my son wears a dress; what's it to you?"

But this dad wasn't awesome enough for not caring about the fact that his son really likes wearing "girl" clothes, no: this dad had to go full awesome by wearing a dress himself for a public outing with both kids, at the request of his daughter.


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  1. My sister used to work in a kids clothing store and she saw a lot of little boys screaming for pink clothes. It wasn't even dresses, just pink shirts, and their parents would fight to the end over it. Some parents even asked if there were pink "boys" clothes. They could handle the pink if only it didn't have barbie or my little pony or another "girl" theme. Of course they don't make five t-shirts with manly themes for five-year-olds.

    I find the whole situation so embarrassing. How can people care about this?

  2. I think they would all three look much better in robes and pointy hats.

  3. My uncle used to wear dresses when he was a kid back on the farm in northern Alabama in the 1940s. Even after he started school, when he got home he would take off his school clothes and put on one of my mom's old dresses. I asked my grandma about it, and she said, "well, he just liked to wear dresses is the thing. I guess he kept on with that until he was about eight or nine." I always loved how she thought that was just one of those things kids do, and it always made me suspect that the past was a lot weirder than we give it credit for.

  4. I would be totally fine if my son wanted to wear a dress. Especially when he was 2, and still in diapers, because it is SO MUCH EASIER changing diapers with dresses. But even if he wanted to do it now, at 5, I would have no problem with it. Because who cares? And anybody who teased him for it would have to answer to me. I would totally punch a 5 year old if they were being a dick.*

    Parents should be happy to do "embarrassing" things in public to make their kids happy. I do it all the time.

    * I would not really punch a 5 year old.

  5. It's only been the past 100 - 150 years that this was not completely normal behavior.

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