Celebrate Apollo 11 history by watching Buzz Aldrin punch this jerk in the face

buzz portrait

The Saturn V blastoff video below is space nostalgia bliss, but nothing does it for me like this video of American hero Buzz Aldrin punching conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel in the face.

Yes, motherfucker, it was real.

Extended version of Buzz's epic righteous facepunch below.

Notable Replies

  1. In the immortal words of Ralph Kramden: Pow! Right in the Kisser! Straight to the moon!

  2. Old says:

    That face-punch video is clearly faked.

  3. "You are a coward...", says the bloke who didn't pilot a F-86 Sabre over Korea on 66 combat missions and who didn't pilot the lunar lander to the first touchdown on an extraterrestrial environment.

  4. You're right to call out the double standard.

    I do deplore the violence, but I admit my blatant, vicarious pleasure in that punch.

    It's wrong, I'm ashamed, and I'm going to watch the video a dozen more times as penance stuck_out_tongue

  5. Beverly Hills police investigated the incident, which occurred 9 September, but said that the charges were dropped after witnesses came forward to say that Mr Sibrel had aggressively poked Mr Aldrin with the Bible before he was punched.

    There you go. You can't just go around poking senior citizens with bibles without expecting some kind of retaliation.

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