The horrible seating configuration Airbus wants to patent


Here's the patent application. The "good" news: It's just conceptual. Regulators wouldn't let Ryanair sell standing room tickets, so maybe this would be banned as well?

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  1. Man, who doesn't want to spend 6 hours on a bicycle seat?

  2. Wow, look at that woman's face. It's as if someone is telling her to smile or they'll shoot her kid in the head.

  3. Can't they just reduce us to some sort of slurry, load us all into a tank, and then reconstitute us at the other end?

    Time for me to submit my own patent request.





    Tropicana Air.

  4. Probably just me, but looking at the patent image, I saw it kind of like this:

    and what better motivation could their be to just keep cranking than you will fall from the sky if you do not?

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