Ukrainian science fiction subgenre predicted current conflict

For years, Ukrainian science fiction writers have been producing novels about a Russian takeover of Ukraine.

It's more evidence of science fiction's facility for predicting the present, reflecting back the day's anxieties and aspirations about technology and the future. Ukrainian sf writers have penned novels about, variously, a brutal Kiev cracking down on the Russian population of eastern Ukraine; and brutal Russian-speaking separatist militias trying to tear the country apart.

Today, the writers of these novels are part of the soft-power war, producing online videos and providing commentary to news agencies about their version of events, making reference to their works -- one just posted his conspiracy theory that MH17 was actually loaded with corpses and was deliberately crashed to discredit Russian separatists.

The Sci-Fi Writers’ War [Cathy Young/Slate]

(via Beyond the Beyond)

Notable Replies

  1. I wonder why they call this "science" fiction?

  2. Because science fiction has an identity problem?

    I can't read Russian or Ukranian, and I don't suspect many of these novels are on a fast track for translation, so I can only speculate to what sub-genre of science fiction I think they should be assigned.

    The cover art on the example in Cory's article suggests "techno-thriller."

    EDIT: And this is all beside the point of what the article is really about.

  3. I'm just waiting for this conspiracy theory to be officially announced. The cult of Putin isn't that much different from that of Kim Jong Un. I remember talking to a Russian national who refused to believe that Litvinenko was poisoned by the Russian government and that it was "obvious" that Britain poisoned him to discredit Putin.

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