Crying baby ad from Thailand mobile phone company goes deservedly viral

DTAC, Thailand's second-largest mobile provider, produced this 2-minute "Power of Love" spot that shows a father struggling to calm his crying baby. Why has this gone so crazy viral? Don't know, but it's a great ad. Also, babies!

Notable Replies

  1. I love the way that the father never followed through on the idea that the baby was hungry by giving the baby some milk and that actually picking up the baby was a last resort option that he only tried when all other solutions had failed. He kind of looks like an average guy who's just been pressed into bomb disposal work.

  2. Yes, very cute I must admit. But honestly, a little stereotypical of dads. I was a new dad once (well, twice). The first thing I'd do if my baby was crying would be to hold her,not call my wife. Oh, and I do my own laundry too.

  3. I think the ad has gone viral because, in addition to cuteness, it seems to be the advertiser telling you something against its own interests ("hey, maybe don't use the mobile phone for everything and just interact"), and therefore surprisingly sincere. Like if McDonalds did an ad that said, "Hey, McDonalds is a once in a while treat, but probably not good as a lifestyle habit."

    (Of course, the 'acting against interests' part is all an illusion, of course, since it's also making a big deal of the wife watching it all on her mobile phone, for which you need a mobile phone).

  4. Yeah, makes me wonder what the culture is like in Thailand. Is it taboo for men to take care of, and hold, babies?!

    But if we're judging it by American standards, it's lazy, sexist, and women still lose when men are too incompetent/lazy/punished to do "ladies work"...

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