Ugandan “Ghetto kids” dance battle goes viral

Ugandan Afropop artist Eddy Kenzo's 2014 hit “Sitya Loss” (“I'm not afraid of losing”) has inspired a number of fan-created dance videos. None are as popular as this one, featuring a group of boys and a girl, referred to as “ghetto kids,” who perform on a dirt road in Uganda.

Other bands have appropriated the video for their own music, and it seems destined to become a full-on meme.

Below, what is said to be the official video.


Notable Replies

  1. Gatta see this one, new fave video of the year:

  2. Maybe they just have the exact same clothes, but the dancing kids in both videos seem to be the same.

    Great videos anyway.

  3. Only thing that would have made this better is if the guys from Book of Mormon showed up and started a chorus of "hasa diga eebowai" in Denver Broncos championship shirts.

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