Blogging History: Black Lagoon biker tee; Injection moulding secrets; Ukraine's secret WWII caves

One year ago today
Creature from the Black Lagoon as outlaw biker tee: Ben Von Strawn's "The Creatcha" tees, which sport a version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon in biker drag and a coal-scuttle helmet.

Five years ago today
Secrets of the injection moulder: Fascinating post on the IDSA Materials and Processes blog about the things you can learn about injection moulding from studying the "ejection marks" on the surface of plastic objects.

Ten years ago today
Ukranian cave system that hid Jews from Nazis for nearly a year: Incredible National Geographic piece on the exploration of the Priest's Grotto, a cave system in the Ukraine where 38 Jews hid from the Nazis for nearly a year.