Ocala, FL criminalizes sagging pants

If you're on city property and your pants hang more than 2" below your "natural waistline," you face a $500 fine, and for repeat offenders, jail.

It's just the kind of stupid (and unconstitutional) law that gives cops the excuse they need to harass young men of color. Oh, Florida.

"I just think it's disgraceful to show your underwear," Councilwoman Mary Rich said.

It's the second time Rich requested the ordinance. In 2009, no one seconded her motion. Mayor Kent Guinn said in 2009 that one of his objects was that the ordinance would lead to profiling.

Rich told him the ordinance applies to both genders and all races.

"We try to be a nice, clean city. I think it'll help clean it up some," she said.

Ocala bans sagging pants on city-owned property

(Image: Low riders and gold pants, David Sim, CC-BY)