Dune author Franker Herbert on mushrooms

The Daily Grail delves into Frank Herbert's passion for mycology and how psilocybin mushrooms helped inspire Dune.

UntitledIn his book Mycelium Running, legendary mycologist Paul Stamets notes that not only was Frank Herbert a talented and innovative mushroom enthusiast, but that the sci-fi author confessed to him that Dune took its inspiration from Herbert's experiences with magic mushrooms:

Frank went on to tell me that much of the premise of Dune — the magic spice (spores) that allowed the bending of space (tripping), the giant worms (maggots digesting mushrooms), the eyes of the Freman (the cerulean blue of Psilocybe mushrooms), the mysticism of the female spiritual warriors, the Bene Gesserits (influenced by tales of Maria Sabina and the sacred mushroom cults of Mexico) — came from his perception of the fungal life cycle, and his imagination was stimulated through his experiences with the use of magic mushrooms.

"Magic Mushrooms were the Inspiration for Frank Herbert's Science Fiction Epic 'Dune'"

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  1. “Bless the Maker and His water.
    Bless the coming and going of Him.
    May His passage cleanse the world.
    May He keep the world for His people. ”

  2. This surprises me zero percent, but pretty cool to have this confirmed!

  3. Had to click to find out if this was

    • Frank Herbert writing on the subject of mushrooms in the botany sense
    • Frank Herbert writing on the subject of mushrooms in the psychedelic sense
    • Frank Herbert under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms

    Or even possibly

    • Herbert the postal worker who franks stamps (any of the above)
  4. Nonsense, he franks Dune authors, is that unclear?

    I always thought the Bene Gesserit were thinly-veiled Jesuits, who are, after all, the Secret Puppet Masters.

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