Duran Duran suing its "fan club"

UntitledDuran Duran is suing its fan club -- not the fans mind you, but the company that runs its fan club, Worldwide Fan Clubs -- for not paying the band its cut of membership fees.

Notable Replies

  1. What's Barbarella's cut?

  2. You would be surprised. They have had an amazing ability to hang on. I know a lot of Duran Duran fans in their 20s. Some of whom I did not make.

  3. Have I been suddenly transported back to 1984? Someone please give me a ride to California- I HAVE TO KILL GEORGE LUCAS!

  4. Yeah, the nausea was for the 30 years, not Duran Duran. I guess it's just the nature of aging, that I get an occasional bout of temporal vertigo. And, really, they shaped my tastes as well, even though I've never been to Japan (and I'm a little jealous smile of that.)

    They were so pretty, with the hair and makeup, it normalized my own blurring of gender in fashion. I wanted to be John Taylor, I wanted to look like him, and it was probably good that I focused on that and not the Girls on Film aesthetic. My mom rented it for me when I was like 11. She was all "O_o ? This is what you wanted to watch? I thought they were gay, so what's with the bikini girls?"

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