Disenchanted by Robert Kroese


I love a good sarcastic fantasy packed with sideways glances at the genre. Robert Kroese's Disenchanted kept me laughing and laughing.

Boric the Implacable dies at the hands of a coward, but not before sweeping the jerk's head off with his enchanted sword, Brakslaagt. The sword has helped Boric rise above his expected path and rule all of Ytrsik, but it also turns out to be cursed. With his spirit trapped in the six kingdoms, still clutching his blade, Boric must search for the Lord who gifted it to him and find his way to the afterlife.

Kroese, who also brought us the Mercury Falls series, tells tales in a way that reminds me of Red Dwarf or the Hitchhiker's Guide. Disenchanted is a fast paced read, originally a Kindle Series to be read in installments, that I did not want to put down.

Disenchanted is also the first book I read on my Kindle Paperwhite, which I believe has quickly become my favorite reading device.

Disenchanted by Robert Kroese