On Google campus, a dinosaur is forever in battle with hordes of flamingos


Making the rounds online this week, but without identifying information: these two photos of a T-Rex dinosaur beset upon by flamingos.

This is actually on the Google campus, and the dino's name is Stan. He is said to have been molded from preserved T-Rex fossils, and the statue was auctioned for charity by the former owners of the site on which the Googleplex now sits. No explanation for the flamingos, other than the fact that they seem to be keeping Stan busy.


Notable Replies

  1. Is it not a dreadful breach of filial piety for birds to be skeletonizing a dinosaur like that?

    Those damn whippersnappers should be treating Mr. Rex as an honored elder and ancestor!

  2. A flurry of flamingoes?

  3. Every time they find a new way to monetise our data they add another flamingo.

    (Or... every time somebody actually uses Google Plus...)

  4. Somehow this just begs the question: Would you rather fight one dinosaur sized flamingo, or 100 flamingo sized dinosaurs?

  5. BTW there is a lump of concrete on the ground under Stan's tail. With bits of pink flamingo in.

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