Mac users: replace your dock with StatusDuck

David makes fun of me for having so many Menu Bar items. Now that I am using StatusDuck ($15, free to try), he has even more fodder. Lifehacker has the details:

Once you start StatusDuck, all your applications and folders from your dock appear in the menu bar. From there, the menu bar works exactly the same as the dock. You can launch apps, open folders, switch between apps, drag items to the trash, and whatever else. You can also hide any apps you don't want cluttering up the menu bar.

Notable Replies

  1. I would ask why, but then I'd have to ask why not.

  2. So, that's $15 they're paying me to make my OS harder to use, right?

  3. Ah, a feature from Windows and Linux. Good job, team. smile

  4. They don't usually. A lot of Linux window management solutions don't do this as well.

    However, the major windows-as-metaphor solutions do.

  5. I

    I kinda

    I kinda want this now that I know it exists. DEMO TIME.

    edit. Okay no I do not actually want it now that I've tried it.

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