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I'm about to start a year-long fellowship at Harvard, immersing myself in geeky science awesomeness, and you can follow along with my newsletter The Fellowship of Three Things.

The Fellowship is exactly what it sounds like: Three cool things that I've learned, delivered to you each week. There might be photos, scans of documents from archives, interesting short facts, a behind-the-scenes lab tour video, a short interview with an interesting researcher ... all sorts of stuff. My Nieman-Berkman fellowship runs from late August through the end of May, and so will The Fellowship of Three Things. I'm excited for it, and I hope you'll join me.

Notable Replies

  1. timz says:

    Link to the newsletter no worky

  2. You just have to remove the boing boing part of the address for it to work: eepurl.com/YzOIn

  3. Link is fixed. Thanks, guys!

  4. timz says:

    Working now!

  5. What an amazing opportunity! I wish you all the best smile

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