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"Men focus on a baseball player's torso more than women, who look only at the face."

Dear Business Insider,

That is not a torso.

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  1. Best. Post. Ever.

  2. In fairness, though, it does make some sense - and not in the way that is intuitively implied by the post.

    It's baseball. That lower area is where you're expecting to see balls fly by (no pun intended), an area which male observers of the game are more likely to pick up on than female observers (for instance, when I go to a game with my wife, she's there more for "people watching" than for an understanding or appreciation of the game itself).

    I wonder if it has to do with men fixating on "who is the player" and "where was the pitch" and women focusing more on the player.

    (note: I'm not trying to be sexist here and say that women can't appreciate baseball, blahblahblah... just that -- from my personal experience -- most women I know who go to games go "for their significant other's benefit" moreso than their own love of the game). There are plenty of women who are way more into baseball than I am, and I'll be the first to acknowledge it.

  3. A baseball (or softball) swing starts in the hips, and is non-committal - the player can still be judging the inbound pitch without committing to a full swing at a possibly non-strike pitch. If you know how to hit and are watching a batter, you do look at his/her hips to indicate the start of a swing, or at least if the pitch was even tempting. But yes, maybe fellas are just comparing junk. Any heat maps for lady softball hitters?

  4. I'd be interested to see this for the new BB homepage...

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