Ghost recorded in spooky theater CCTV footage

Unusually for these things, the footage captured is crisp, 4K-definition RAW shot with a coated, non-fisheye len--just kidding! It's about as good as the footage from a mid-90s Nokia communicator. [via]

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  1. Looks like a small chunk of pixels were moved in post.

  2. Yeah, no expert, but it really looks like a cut-n-paste job on the chair. The problem is, I can't even figure out what the chairs actually look like, so I can't figure out whether the light spots and shadows would make sense if you moved a chair that way.

    The light 'orbs' are probably bugs. They seem pretty close to the camera, near as I can tell. I'd be curious to see if other non-ghost footage has them. I would bet it probably does.

    The table does move later too, but it moves slightly further off-screen, making me think someone pushed it or bumped it.

    How often does the camera trigger? I'm curious to know if someone could run in, change something, then run out, between clicks.

    Also, it's odd how the guys says "we never check the cctv footage", except that they just happened to this time...

    I'm sure if it's a real ghost, it'll show up again though.

  3. This is REALLY fortunate for the medium that happens to be performing there.

  4. Not even photoshop or any other kind of digital trickery. They just tied a string around the legs of a chair, ducked out of frame below the camera, and gave a little tug.

  5. Was anyone else expecting one of those screaming face tricks?

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