Man sentenced after filming self driving car from passenger seat

Top of your list of things not to do: do not post video of yourself driving a car from the passenger seat. Meet "Spain's most stupid driver."

The Spanish-born student of French nationality was found guilty of reckless driving and handed a six-month suspended sentence. That sentence will be dismissed if the young man does not break the law in the next two years. He also saw his driver's licence suspended for a year.

The aggravated circumstance of his use of vertical video was not, apparently, addressed by the court.

Notable Replies

  1. I'm sad that the car wasn't self-driving as I originally thought.

  2. That's exactly how I parsed the title, too!

  3. In Arkansas, that's how they deliver the mail.

  4. Yep, stupid. Portrait video? What was he thinking?

    Looks to me like he's sitting in the right seat, anyway. The problem is some fool put the steering wheel on the wrong side.

  5. Yes -- I thought the point was that he was testing the car and that the laws in his state didn't accept self-driving cars as street legal yet (only Nevada, Florida, and California currently allow them on public roads).

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