NRA's top lawyer was convicted of murdering his girlfriend's mother in 1964

The cover story for Mother Jones this month is about Bob Dowlut, NRA's general counsel, "who for 30 years has been the architect of the National Rifle Association's legal and cultural agenda." (Gawker)

Monika Bauerlein, co-editor of Mother Jones, emailed me and said that Dowlut, as a teenager, "was sent to prison for shooting his girlfriend's mother [shot three times at close range], but then had his conviction thrown out for police misconduct. It's a deeply reported and yes, empathetic story about what must have been a complicated trajectory."

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  1. "After conferring in Polish with Dowlut's parents, refugees who had immigrated after the war, Judge Frank X. Kopinski opted for lenience. 'My logic tells me you should be sent away, but my heart says no,' the judge told Dowlut, according to the Tribune. Dowlut was put on probation and graduated from Washington High School in January 1963 with a good academic record"

    Yeah, that checks out. If a Polish-American judge doesn't let fine Polish-American boys get away with (literally) murder, who will? Edit: This was actually during his armed-robbery trial, not the later murder trial. Still, it boggles the mind.

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