Telerobotic baseball fans

Korea's Hanwha Eagles baseball team have installed rows of telerobot "fans" in the stadium that are controlled by remote spectators. (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)

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  1. Long story short, it turned out my Vegas Robohooker was actually being driven by a guy called Ted from Des Moines. We still swap Christmas Cards...

  2. The Boston Red Sox fanbot they built went into "kill" mode pretty much the moment they flipped the switch. The Yankees fanbot is stuck in a praise/condemn Derek Jeter infinite loop.

  3. These things are just begging to be hacked. Think of the possibilities!

  4. "Great, he's kicked the ball. Now the balls' over there. That man has it now. That's an interesting development. Maybe he'll kick the ball. He has indeed, and apparently that deserves a round of applause."
        -- Maurice Moss

    What makes me wonder (and irritates me as well) is why somebody publicly stating his disinterest in (say) metallurgy can get away with it more than easily while somebody stating disinterest in spectator sports gets scorned. At the same time nobody is cramming metallurgy down to everybody else's throats and making it impossible to avoid.

  5. 1) When do you ever see anyone feeling the need to make a declaration of indifference to metallurgy? Is that one of those weird Jehovah’s Witness things?

    2) “Cramming it down our throats” is the same weirdly suggestive language that homophobes use to describe the Pride Parade, or even gays holding hands. Nobody is cramming anything down your throat (as far as I know) any more than any other public aspect of culture. Are buses cramming mass transit down your throat? Is the newspaper forcing you to be aware of current events? Do greengrocers offend you with their salacious displays of plump round fruits and vegetables?

    It’s pretty easy to ignore things that don’t interest you. Step one is to not read articles about those things. Step two, in case you failed at the first one, is to not comment on those articles.

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