Prison for spider terrorist

"Look at my bug." That's what 52-year-old Joseph R. Thomas, standing on his porch, uttered before tossing a spider on a police officer.

Thomas, who has been in jail for 390 days during the trial proceedings, was given a sentence of 30 months to five years in state prison on charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and resisting arrest.

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  1. Not quite the whole story...
    From what I have seen the police were called because he was banging on somebody's door (he wasn't just on his porch minding his own beeswax).
    via the Wayback:
    According to the criminal complaint:
    Police investigated a man banging on a house door on Mill Street at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Thomas was confronted on the porch and yelled a racial slur at the officer.
    Thomas allegedly threw a spider at the officer and spat in the officer's face, the complaint says.
    Police allege in the complaint Thomas resisted arrest and had to be stunned several times by a Taser. Several officers were needed to handcuff Thomas.
    Thomas continued to struggle with officers kicking at paramedics and officers at Pittston Police Headquarters, according to the complaint.

    Man throws spider at police officer

  2. Well, it's good to know that simple arachnid-tossing one won't get one that kind of sentence. Then again, it didn't surprise me when I thought it was the case. US laws are a tad draconian these days...

  3. Thomas told the officer, 'Look at my bug,' and threw a spider at the officer,

    Correct me if i am wrong in my biology but i think they should put him in jail for not knowing that spiders are arthropods not a true "bug" Hemiptera

  4. So the cops, NSA and everybody can bug our phones, computers, homes but we are not allowed to bug them. No Fair!

  5. Jail for throwing a spider at someone? In Australia that's how we say hello.

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