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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the Smythes of Chagrin Falls worship the Corporate Sky-Deity on a typical Sunday.

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Notable Replies

  1. It occurs to me I have yet to hear about Scientology trying to take advantage of the Hobby Lobby decision in some way. Given the organization's past practices and their apparently flagging membership, it seems like it's only a matter of time.

  2. That cartoon is actually kinda depressing, ya'know? Bummer.

  3. Balderdash. The Supreme Court was Quite Clear that the ruling only applies to restrict women's reproductive rights, and only for Christian corporations. Because a nubile woman's ability to control her own fertility is the Real Threat.

  4. LDoBe says:

    When will the TTDB comics get funny again? These are too depressing, and they're making me alternately sad and enraged.

    It's just too transparent. The Supreme Court made this decision along religious lines, and had no good reason to allow Hobby Lobby to shirk it's duty as a corporate American.

    Pretty soon corporations will be granted 150% the rights of REAL citizens, and have 0% of the responsibilities. Because Jeebus sed so.

  5. Kimmo says:

    Ignore him, Rueben!

    I look forward to your bleak, black stabs; I guess somehow they help inure me to the growing horror.

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