Read Dune with public radio's Science Friday

If you liked learning about the science of Tatooine, you'll enjoy reading Dune with the Science Friday bookclub.

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  1. Ok I'm in! Let's get a Boing Boing group going on this!!! I haven't read it in years but I LOVED it back in the day. Wonder if it holds up.

  2. bkad says:

    I first read it when I was pretty young, and couple times since then. Was and still is one of my favorites. I missed the alleged allegorical significance for decades until I read about it in a book review. Clearly I'm not one for subtlety, or maybe I just came of age in a slightly later era.

    I think the book holds up o.k. but people are reading much more intensely character and emotion driven literature now in all genres (imho). If one judges it from that perspective, this (like Tolkien's works) suffers a little from from not being that kind of book.

  3. I read it for the first time about 10 years ago, having grown up with loving the David Lynch movie (only movie of his I like at all). It didn't seem particularly dated to me. I finally read it to get a better handle on the politics, which have nearly come full circle since the time Herbert wrote the book.

  4. You should do the audio book. As I recall it's pretty good.

  5. If you're not familiar with it, the webcomic Schlock Mercenary (which has never missed a daily update in almost 15 years) is deftly-told space opera with a joke in every strip but fairly serious thought-provoking stories being told.

    It circles back over and over to variations on the intersection between ethics, immortality, and how to ascribe "personhood."

    I highly recommend it. The art gets MUCH better over time.

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