Monkey-masked men hired by Indian officials

New Delhi government officials have hired 40 young men to wear monkey masks and jump around outside the parliament buildings in an attempt to scare off macaques wreaking havoc on the grounds. From the AFP:

imagesThe NDMC, the body tasked with providing civic services, said the men were “very talented” and had been trained to “closely copy” the noises and actions of the more aggressive langurs to scare away the smaller rhesus macaques.

“They often wear a mask on their faces, hide behind the trees and make these noises to scare away the simians,” NDMC chairman Jalaj Srivastava told AFP.

Notable Replies

  1. The lobbyists would most likely mistake them for congressmen.

  2. I was thinking George W....

  3. It's still a better jobs program than anything we have here in the U.S.

  4. Dammit to hell, the career of a lifetime comes along when I'm too old to enjoy it. This just pisses me off!

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