UK politician: "occultists" infiltrated Independence Party

No+that+is+satanic.+More+of+the+occultist+side+though+_42480c0d08273762cf7f82abd2db670fIn Wells, England the UK Independence Party chairman Graham Livings resigned from his post claiming that the party has been "infiltrated by the Glastonbury occult... oddballs putting on these weekend retreats where they guarantee the angels will be present."

“These people say that they take angelic guidance and defer in all things to St Michael the Archangel – and at the same time we’re experiencing such vitriol and bile from them. I don’t have to put up with it, so I am resigning,” Livings said.

(Western Daily Press)

Notable Replies

  1. UK Indepence Party. (As in independence from the European Union.)

  2. We know what you meant, but that should be a real word. It's even vaguely money related (pence), but I think I prefer something about "in da pants".

  3. What if the angels really are present, but don't like them? That seems very likely to me.

  4. MikeR says:

    UKIP in the bizarre position of being out-weirded by other people.

    And this sounds really weird, even for Glastonbury.

  5. Aah! Muphry's Law strikes again!

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