WA Grandmother fends off attacking river otter, saves 8 year old

Via KENS5 Eyewitness news, "The family says that they were swimming in the water when a four-foot otter attacked their 8-year-old boy. Thankfully the grandmother was right next to him and saved him from potentially severe injuries. Both the grandmother and boy are hospitalized."

Notable Replies

  1. The coverage they ran down here n Portland was better. They interviewed the grandmother; spunky brave lady.

    Otters are cute and playful but they are also, well, big carnivorous weasels.

  2. To be safe, the police should follow up on any reports of thefts of hospital scrubs (size "long") and post guards by the kid's and grandmother's rooms.

  3. Now I have burned into my brain an image of homicidal, anthropomorphic otters, dressed in hospital scrubs, plotting terrible revenge for the crime of trespass.

  4. My work here is done.

    {Brushes off knuckles.

    Reaches behind ear, pulls off human mask.

    Two otters scamper out of human-suit and slip through dog door into the night.}

  5. This is malicious anti-otter propaganda, no doubt spread by cats, jealous of the spread of cute otter photos.

    The truth is that otters are bright and intelligent animals.

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