Death toll in Ebola outbreak hits 932

Reuters/Tommy Trenchar.

Reuters/Tommy Trenchar.

The number of people to have died in the worst Ebola outbreak in history has risen to at least 932, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday.


Health officials in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia on Wednesday reported deaths of citizens they suspect were infected with Ebola, and Spain said it will accept a patient from the West African outbreak, adding to concerns about the spread of the deadly virus. Nigeria reported that a nurse died after treating someone believed to have contracted Ebola in Liberia, and Saudi Arabia reported that a man died, apparently of the virus, after a trip to Sierra Leone.

Related, from the WHO: "Early next week, the World Health Organization (WHO) will convene a panel of medical ethicists to explore the use of experimental treatment in the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Currently there is no registered medicine or vaccine against the virus, but there are several experimental options under development."

One of them was used in the treatment of American medical aid workers who contracted the disease in West Africa.