Stupid tourist crashes drone into Yellowstone geyser

Some fucking shithead flew a drone into this beautiful fucking geyser [wikimedia]

Some fucking shithead flew a drone into this beautiful fucking geyser [wikimedia]

This is why we can't have nice quadcopters: "A tourist seeking to take pictures of Yellowstone National Park crashed a camera-equipped drone into its largest hot spring, possibly damaging the prized geothermal feature, a park official said on Wednesday."

It remains unclear whether the drone that crashed Grand Prismatic Spring last Saturday and sank into its hot bubbly depths ended up damaging the geothermal feature. Park officials are still trying to decide whether to remove it.

Drones are banned in national parks. The moron who crashed this one has not been prosecuted.


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  1. again, reading the comments on CNBC? I gotta stop reading the comments. it just shows me how low and divided and nasty the public has become.

    USUALLY on BoingBoing, there is at least a commonality, we all read this for a reason.

    Yes, technology is cool - Drones can be fun.

    . Sadly, Amazon doesnt sell common sense.

  2. xzzy says:

    I'm not sure bacteria that has been happily living in near-boiling water for millions of years is going to give a crap about some extra goop in the water. Obviously you want to punish the offender for breaking the rules, but I'm pretty sure as long as it remains an isolated incident there won't be any long term impact to the landmark.

    But on the other hand I'm just an internet poster, not a biologist or geologist. What do I know. wink

  3. And if the guy had gotten great footage the BB headline would gush over the awesome footage and decry the National Parks ban on drones...

    Drone's-eye view of fireworks goes bonkers viral, spawns internet freakout

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