Video: Eric Standley's incredible laser cut paper sculptures

Eric Standley, the artist known for his insanely intricate laser-cut paper sculptures, explains his breathtaking work.

His vector drawings were initially inspired by the geometry in Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation. The pieces are painstakingly assembled from laser-cut paper layered to create elaborate three-dimensional works of art. Often these works are created using well over 100 layers of paper and can take months of planning and drawing.

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  1. Actually, there are some 3d printers that work by cutting paper sheets.

  2. He needs to do one of these in metal using a water jet or plasma cutter and make something on the architectural scale. These are beautiful, but THAT would knock yer damn socks off!

  3. With ink deposit together with the laser you can make truecolor printouts.

    But your idea is intriguing; add fifth ink that degrades the paper. (Possibly the "normal" inks could enhance the paper's durability against the fifth one, so the "cut" would be better defined.) Maybe some acid, maybe some enzyme?

  4. Like the the enzyme cellulase produced by microbes in termites' guts that allow them to digest cellulose?

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