Smart Bricks: Giant Lego-like blocks for buildings


The idea behind Smart Bricks is that giant Lego-like blocks could be used to build houses, building, and bridges. Video below. (via Smithsonian)

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  1. Easy solution. Just add a sentrygun to the bot.

  2. Will I need shoes with a hole in the bottom?

  3. "For the first time in a 150 years"

    Interesting grammar there.

    James May did a show where they built a house out of Lego. Those were small bricks so maybe the problems they encountered wouldn't be as big of an issue with the larger concrete blocks shown here, but there were some serious problems.

    Also, what makes this better than regular concrete blocks? The animation shows the robot putting down what looks like a metal pole and putting something like mortar on each layer.

    The claims at the end seem just fucking ridiculous. "Zero Energy Building", "70% less construction costs", "80% less construction time", "Lower energy bills", "Clean and quiet construction site".

  4. Hmm, your real name isn't Harry Tuttle is it?

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