American man linked to pro-ISIS tweets jailed after arrest at airport


FBI agents arrested Donald Ray Morgan, 44, of North Carolina, at JFK Airport on August 2 on a firearms charge-- the cause for alarm, according to reports, was his behavior on Twitter.

Morgan arrived in New York on a Delta Airlines flight from Frankfurt, and had recently traveled to Lebanon where investigators say he has ties with Islamic terrorists. The New York Daily News reported that Morgan used the pseudomym Abu Omar al Amreeki to tweet his support of ISIS while he was in Lebanon.

Morgan faces criminal felony charges for possessing, buying and selling firearms believed to be military-grade weapons. NYDN quotes federal prosecutor Nadia Moore as saying in court: "It's possible that he traffics in guns to people in this organization (ISIS)."

NYDN describes Morgan as an "ex-convict" who stayed in Lebanon for 8 months on his most recent travels, and says Morgan is married to a woman there.

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